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Existing H4-H1 conversion

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  • Existing H4-H1 conversion

    My wife came to USA one-year back and after she came here we applied for her H-4 extension as it was expired on Oct'03.

    In the mean time, we planned to apply for her H-1. By the time we didn't get her H-4 approved, the employer applied her H-1(H1B1) as "Petition For a Nonimmigrant Worker" in Jun'04, which is be issued for Visa at abroad(India).

    While the employer was applying her H-1, she got her H-4 approved with extended I-94.

    Now she got her H-1 also approved, but without I-94 attached to that.

    When we went to SSN office for SSN number, they have asked for I-94 with Visa class as H-1 NOT H-4.

    Is there a way to get I-94 for the new H-1 as she is already in US?

    Is there a way to transfer or merge her H4 and H1 and have a H1 status with I-94?

    Please suggest any other alternatives.

    If there is anything that we can do for this, please let me know the fees for this as well, so that we can start the process immediately.