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H4 visa for WIFE.. How long?

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    H4 Visa


    But now, I have to send all the docs within 30days, as per the latest updates in website ( which is highly impossible.!!!!

    Can you please let us know , in which website this was mentioned ?

    I never hear that for Chennai ?



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      H4 Visa

      Check this site..


      As you require to be interviewed by a US Consul, you need to visit the Visa Section at the American Consulate General in Mumbai by appointment only.

      It says abt Mumbai..


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        Sending the H4 Visa document is applicable only for Mumbai Consulate. This rule does not hold good for Chennai consulate.


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          Originally posted by NinSudar
          I need a urgent help on this matter.

          My fiancee is in INDIA. and we planning to get married somewhere in Oct/Nov. How can I get her H4 VISA after marriage? How long vl this process takes in INDIA?
          I would like to know whether v can get the visa within 20-25days and take her here.I cant take more than 25days leave in my current project also.

          Can u please give us the appropriate soln/procedure for this so that I can plan my trip?

          I am working in US on H1 visa.Our indian consulate is Chennai.
          hey sundar, I am in a same situation like yours. The interview process is just for a day and you should be able to get the passport delivered to you the next if you live in chennai.
          For the interview process, you should have an appointment and on the appointment date carry the necessary documents and if everything goes well ur wife will have the passport with visa the next day if you live in chennai. If you dont reside in chennai, it might take a few days. My friend in HYD got within 2 days.
          thats wat I heard from my friends.


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            H4 Visa

            No need to worry about that. Book an appointment.
            Attend the interview with all the docs.. (marriage snaps,certificate,etc etc) and its done!. U can come back with ur wife.

            It worked for me !!