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H1 Stamping Canadian Consulate

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  • H1 Stamping Canadian Consulate

    Is there any one who had an interview in the recent times (after Jan2004) in Canada? How was it? Please let me know your experiences. Any tips are appreciated. If the visa is granted, how much time would it take to get your back? In the appointment confirmation letter, it says 3 days. Is there any one who received the documents before 3 days? Please let me know. Thank you very much.

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    Hi Surya,

    Even I am planning to go to canada for visa stamping. I changed status from F1 to h1B. But pple are saying me to go to India for stamping.

    Did you get opinions on how safe it is to go to canada when you are changing from F1.



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      I went to Ottowa cosulate. For me it was very easy over there. I received my passport back on the same day.


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        H1B visa

        Dear Surya,

        Thanks for sharing your Ottawa consulate experience.

        Can you share some other details such as, what was your previous visa status?
        what were interview questions?
        what documents they demanded from you?
        any advice re: do's or don't do!
        Thanking you in advance.


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          H1B Visa

          My previous visa status was F1. After I got converted to H1, I went there to get my multiple entry stamping. Before I went there, I heard they won't ask many questions. It was true. They did not ask many. You have to be there with ALL the required documents listed in the interview confirmation letter.
          I had to change the employer since I first got my H1. She asked me why.
          She looked at my Masters transcripts and asked me to define a course that I took :-)
          And one more advice, fill out the application forms online (accurately) and take a print out of them. When you go there they will have all your info and the processing will be fast. At this consulate, they give the documents back to you on the same day. Where as in Toronto and Montreal, they give them the next day (as per some of my friends).
          Good luck.


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            H1B Visa stamping in Canada

            Hello Surya,

            When did you go to Ottawa to get your visa stamped ? Is this option still available.

            Thank you