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  • H1b

    i have been processing my green card since the 5th year of my H1B period. It hasnt been approved yet for some reason and i have been renewing my H1B every year after sixth year of H1B period for last 3 years. Now once again its time for my H1B renewal and suddenly they denied to renew my visa and have given me 30 days. I dont knwo what to do... go back to my country .. n also lose my job!!! my lawyer suggests me to marry american citizen to be in status. ia m confused... what should i do. any help, referrals ...would be highly appreciated.

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    Did they deny your H1B or your GC application?

    If they've denied your H1B, then you can go back to your home country and come back to the United States when you get the GC.

    There are people who've gone to UK, Singapore or India in the interim through their company and returned once the GC was done.

    Of course, you can marry an US citizen, but then it should be love and not the intention of just staying in the country!

    Good luck.


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      what is the reason for denial, this can be appealed and while you wait for decision you can work

      If H1 is denied then you can continue working using EAD


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        its time to renew my H1b but unfortunately its denied and my GC is rejected as well. ONE of the reason for rejection is very minor in my personal opinion. it said my position at work and my salary is incompatile. well my GC was rejected before so i appealed and got rejected again. i am running out of options!!! BTW can i still work in EAD? How many times you can appeal after you are rejected. Any referrals for any good experinced lawyer who can handle these kind of cases?
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          Back to home country

          Back to home country.

          With these conditions even if you marry an USC, there's going to be an in-depth scrutiny on everything and they'll not make it easy for you to get the GC. Just make sure you don't take any wrong steps just to stay in the US. You're better off living a good life anywhere else for the moment.

          Regarding your GC rejection, seems like your attorney screwed up. He/she didn't do their homework before submitting the application.

          Sure, you can once more get a good senior attorney and try again.

          Take care.
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