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Modify information provided while booking interview(Chennai)

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  • Modify information provided while booking interview(Chennai)

    Hi All:

    I have an appointment with Chennai US Consulate for Oct 28th. I booked this appointment long time back around July. I was working for company X at that time, so I had given details of my H1B with company X.
    In August I was offered full-time position at another company Y. I accepted the offer and they did a H1B transfer from company X to company Y. Now my H1B is with Company Y, but my appointment with Chennai US consulate has records of companyX.

    I tried to edit the changes, but the system asks me to cancel the appointment and re-book. I found that there are no appointments in Oct/Nov. I am afraid that if I cancel my current appointment I might not get another one in Oct/Nov.

    Can I go to the US COnsulate with the same appointment? (the thankyou page when I booked the appointment says, that the company details should be verified as that information will appear in my VISA)

    I have already booked my tickets and my leave is also sanctioned. I dont want to postpone my trip. Is there any way out????



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    Modify information provided while booking interview(Chennai

    Kavitha ,

    I am also in same situaation one month back. So I sent an email to TT Services about this. They replied me saying that, there is no way to change any information once you entered while booking the appointment.

    The only thing you can change is Date.

    So I cancelled the existing appointment and immediately booked another appointment. The next one I got two weeks later than the first one.

    So without any other thought, you can just cancel the existing appointment and then book another appointment. From then daily check for early appointments.



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      Thanks alot for the reply.
      If I cancel the appoiuntment, will the cancelled appointment be available for me immediately?
      So that I can change the information and reapply for the same date?

      when you cancelled the appointment, did you have that slot available????


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        Kavitha ,

        If you cancel the appointment, that slot will not be available immediately. That's sure.
        But I don't know when that will be available.

        Another option for you is to go to Delhi. On tts website, it was mentioned that, in case of urgency, people from chennai region can go to Delhi consulate for Visa.

        I have couple of friends, who went for their Visa to Delhi and got Visas.




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          RE : Thanks

          Hi ,

          I am seeing some appointments in Oct.
          So I hope you can take risk by cancelling your appointment.