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221(g) white in mumbai

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  • 221(g) white in mumbai

    Hi.. seniors & All
    I have attend my H1-B interview at Mumbai consulate on 20th Nov.
    I am working in Pune for two years ,
    vo asked me what i do? about project after he asked residence proof of mumbai.
    but showed offer latter of present employee showing present address
    he want other not that.
    then he has given 221g White form.,, in that it's noted that.. You not belonged to Mumbai consulate area.. attend at Chennai consulate..
    He has returned my I-797 & PP along with 221G white form only.

    He has not returned my DS-156 , DS-157 & HDFC Visa fee slip(consulate copy).
    I have query here.. Will they transfer my Case to Chennai Consulate and send these forms to Chennai..In that case when can i attend the Interview in Chennai wiht out taking the fresh appointment ? or Do i need to book a new App slot at Chennai Cosulate ? My Old HDFC fee receipt will be enough to
    book the App slot or Do i need to take the new HDFC fee token and book the slot at Chennai cosulate once again ?

    I am in full consusion in what to do now.. VFS didn't given any proper information.. hey aresaying that the consulate will intimate you through mail.. Is it Correct ?
    Please clarrify me with the procedure in my case..
    Friends..waiting for Your responses very eagerly..

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    1. u shud have asked wht does he want as the proof of residence? (ideally fixed line telephone bills / rental agfreement / passport). Anyone can get some god foresaken company's letter head and print the address of residence! u shud have given it a logical thot b4.

    2. try the same HDFC number n book in chennai. I strongly doubt it. I feel u need to buy it once again coz u have taken ur interview and wasted consulate's time!