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H1-B visa=65,000?

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  • H1-B visa=65,000?

    Is there any slot available for H1-B visa? i heard that
    it is almost filled up?

    what if my employer decide to sponsor me in november,is there a chance for me to get an h1b visa?

    how long it will take to get an h1b visa? thanks!

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    Yes, it is almost filled up. It is expected to last just some more weeks at the most.
    Your employer should file as soon as possible. November ist most likely too late.
    When the quota is reached, new H1 will only be available from Oct. 2005 on (applications can be filed up to 6 months earlier.)


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      so, its definitely a rejection if your employer try to
      file a petition by november? what if next month? i thought h1b application starts on oct.01 2004? thanks joe!


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        The start date of the H1s can not be earlier than Oct. 1. But, H1 applications can be filed up to 6 months before the start date. So, companies started filing H1 applications from April on, with a start date of Oct. 1. That's why the quota is nearly filled already.

        At this point, nobody knows when the quote is going to be filled, but estimates are that it is only a couple of weeks at the most.