My History:

1999 - I came to US in F1 visa.(Issued by Chennai
2001 - Started working in a MNC using OPT
2002 - Issued H1-B in US for 3 years; This H1-B
expires in May 2005.

My question for you is:

Since my H1-B expires in may 2005, if I travel to
India in Dec 2004:

1. Can I apply for re issusuance of H1-B at chennai, 5 months in advance of the expiration of the existing
H1-B?(accordingy to the new rule).

2. If yes, Will the new H1-B valid from Dec 2004
(immediately) or Will be it approved from the date of
the expiration of the existing H1-B(which expires in
May 2005).

3. What is the procedure to apply for H1-B Multiple