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H4 Visa Pending at Chennai Consulate

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    H4 visa for wife

    You are not alone. Show some patience. The consulate takes its time.

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  • Balu
    started a topic H4 Visa Pending at Chennai Consulate

    H4 Visa Pending at Chennai Consulate

    Hi all ,

    Hope some body faced this kind of problem.

    I am working in USA from 1 1/2 years. Recently in March 2004 I went to India on vacation and got married. I come back at the end of March 2004. At that time we got appointment only on May 17th . So My wife went for her H4 Visa stamping to Chennai Consulate.

    The immigration officer who attended her case , took all her documents and returned her passport at the same time eriting ' APplication recievied on May 17th (221G) ' and said that he will call her in coupld of days.

    But today it's exactly 40 days and she didn't get any letter from consulate. Even that officer didn't told her if he need any further documentation. That waiting is very frustating.
    My wife sent an email to consulate couple of times. They replies saying that her case is under review. Then I sent them an email last week and didn't get any reply so far.

    What they mean by review and how long they will do that.

    Does any body faced this kind of problem before. If so could u please tell me if u guys did any thing to move the application other than waiting.

    Thanks in advance for all u r responses.
    [email protected]