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H1B, H4 & TTSVisas.com questions - Please help

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  • H1B, H4 & TTSVisas.com questions - Please help


    I work on a H1-B Visa for a construction company in Colorado. I want to bring my husband over here on a H4 visa. He would fall under the Delhi consular district and I fall under the Chennai consular district. Would there be a problem if I applied for an appointment at Delhi being the principal Visa holder?

    My H1-B approval notice was stamped at the Chennai consulate when I went to India last year. After my return to the US, my company filed an amended petition for me since I had to move from California to Colorado to work on another project. I now have an approval notice from the INS from the amended petition. Do I need to the 1-94 stamped again when I go to India for my marriage this time?

    Our long-term plan is for my husband to do a PhD here. I have heard that once on a H4, chances of getting a F1 is minimal since it conveys a strong intent to settle down in the US. Also, can F1 Visa be obtained here or does one have to go to India for that?

    I have some (dumb) questions regarding filling out the TTSVisas.com appointment page. Please help ASAP, as i'd rather be sure.

    The web site asks "You are renewing or replacing a visa of the same category provided the previous visa has not been expired for more than twelve months (i.e.,365 days)". I have an amended H1B approval notice with a new 1-94 (not a case of H1B renewal or extension) that I need to get stamped in India along with my husband’s H4. Should I answer yes or no to this question?

    When address should I enter at the “Present Residence” fields that comes up along with the passport details? India home address or my US address?

    Where do you enter the US address etc.?

    After the Consulate appointment, if our visas are issued and stamped, that is the end of the process right? Or is there a wait period for them to send all the documents or will they return all your documents then and there itself?

    Thank you in advance. I have a lot of questions, but answer to any particular question will be of immense help.


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    I am not sure of all questions you mentioned but I have only one answer.

    Yes your husband can be in differentn consular district to yours.