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New L/H visa rules

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  • New L/H visa rules

    According to the today's news on timesofindia.indiatimes.c...752771.cms , "The US has announced that it has ceased domestic visa re-issuance service for certain categories of people, who will now have to go back to their countries to get their visas renewed at the American consulates, a move that would affect a number of foreigners, including Indian journalists and hi-tech workers"

    Do we have to go to India even for L1/H1 petition extension ? Or is it just for visa stamping ?

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    You have go to your country if you need visa stamping (this is called "visa renewal".
    If you need extension you don't have to go out of the country (this is called "extension of stay").


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      New L/H visa rules

      Stay in the US is not related to Visa or Petition. The I-94 decides that. Extension of stay is I-94 extension and not Petition extension.I dont need extension of stay as my I-94 is still valid for some time.

      Visa is an entry document and Petition shows the duration during which you can legally work in the US.

      My question is whether we need to go to India, according to the new rules, to get the petition extension ?


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        The amount of misinformation about this floating around is staggering. Apparently, there are lots of "journalists" who don't know a bit about researching the topic they are writing about...

        This is only if you need a visa stamp after a status extension. Absolutely nothing else. Extensions are not affected by it. Only getting a visa stamp is.
        For the official notice, see travel.state.gov/revals.html