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Is My H1B is still valid

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  • Is My H1B is still valid

    Hello friends,
    I was having a H1B and stamped on my passpot upto 30 Nov 2006. At that time I was in the USA ence applied for the extension and received the new h1B petition for next 3 yrs. In Jan 15, 2007 I have to go back to India 2007.

    In April 2007 I hav eto come again on B1 . Wen i went for B1 stamping ,the counsulate put a stamp on My H1b visa page "cancelled without prejudice". Although that was my old expired Visa.

    In Oct 200& I came again USA thru L1 by stamping in my passport.

    Now my query is:

    A)Is my H1B petition is still valid so tat I can transfer from L1A to H1B?

    B) If my earlier H1b from company X, can company Y hire me using same petition while I am working in a company Z on L1A.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think it should be valid . may be some senior member may advise.


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      Your H1 is no longer valid.

      When I went for my H1 stamping, my previous F1 visa was cancelled in the similar fashion as yours which means my H1 is the current status and F1 is no longer valid. Hope that helps.
      Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.


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        How many years have you spent in US on H1B status?


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          help needed


          I stayed hardly 10 month on h1 in USA. and my visa was expired in USA . I applied for the extension for H1b, I got the new petition and went back to India. My stamped visa is alreay expired. I have never stamped with the new petition.

          Although my earlier visa is expired , what it matter if a stamp is put on this.

          Also you can have H1B and B1 visa simultaneously....so there is no need of putting cancel stamp...

          Some oter member can also advise please.............

          Also is there is other way of finding if my H1B is still valid.

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            Your H1 is still valid. You can hold 2 work permits but u cannot have 2 WP visa stamped in ur passport.

            If ur H1 petition is valid, u can very well apply for change of status from L1 to H1