Hi all,

I've an H1-B visa. The stamp on my passport expires on July 31, 2004. I've got an extension (I-797) valid up to June 2007. I want to go to Mumbai, India in first week of July and return back by July 20. I've following two questions:

Do I have to get it stamped again in India? i.e. Can I re-enter India without stamping?

If I get it stamped, can I simply put all the docs in the drop box OR do I have to take an online appointment and go for an interview at Mumbai, India.

If I don't have to get it stamped then will I be allowed to enter USA as my visa stamp on passport is expiring on July 31, 2004. Also, on my I-94, what date will they put?

Awaiting for your reply,
Thanks and Sincerely,