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Stamping in Delhi/Chennai... Experiences?

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  • Stamping in Delhi/Chennai... Experiences?

    Hey Guys:

    I checked Delhi US consulate site & they did NOT mention anything about the supporting docs required for H1B visa validation. (If u check Chennai site: You will see that they are asking for a LOT of docs....)
    CHENNAI: chennai.usconsulate.gov/wwwhnivwork.html
    DELHI: newdelhi.usembassy.gov/wwwhnivrdp.html

    Does that mean Delhi will be better? Anybody having RECENT Experiences in either of these places: PLEASE post it here... Your feedback will be invaluable in deciding the future for a LOT of us.

    Thanks & RGDS.

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    Stamping in Chennai

    I am going to Chennai for visa stamping for H1 B. Do you have any idea if there are any delays recently, background checks, especially for people working in medical field in a University setting. Please advise.


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      H1 VISA Stamping


      Me and my husband reside in USA. We are currently in H1-B status. The H1-B stamping on my husband's passport is expired. It expired in july 2002. He has renewed this visa and we received this in July 2002 and is valid till July 2005. He have not had this stamped in his passport We are making this trip on June 13 and will be returning by July 3. I tried to make a reservation on the internet at ttsvisas.com but was able to find a available date in the last week of june. I am worried if he doesnt get his PAPERS back from Consulate by first week of JULY.It is imperative that we be here in the US by july first week for risk of losing our jobs.

      Also since his stamping expired one year ago will the stamping in Chennai will be OKAY?

      Any help that you can do in this matter is greatly appreciated.



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        Re: H1 VISA Stamping

        I believe you need to go for a personal appearence if your visa has expired since more than 1 year. Better get an appointment. You can also try at Delhi and Calcutta consulates. I believe you can get the appointments faster there.
        Let us know how it goes. I am also in the line to get it stamped.