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H4 Visa Interview Documents

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    I don't know if this is an exhaustive list but this is what a friend had taken in for her H4 recently (in April, delhi consulate):

    application form
    affidavit of support from her husband
    his bank papers
    his employment verification and salary verification letters (on company letter head signed by his boss)
    marriage certificate (I guess this is really important because they asked to see it once outside and once inside at the actual interview)
    wedding photographs (she took the whole album but they asked to see the significant ones like pheras, jai mala etc)
    wedding cards
    a copy of the husbands passport including i94 and visa.
    husbands i797 (this again was asked for at both places)
    a copy of his degree
    a few photographs of her husband at his work place..

    She said they only took a close look at the affidavit of support, marriage certificate, i797 and wedding photographs.
    They asked questions about her husband (was it an arranged marriage, how long have you known him ,what does he do, etc.)

    Again, I'm not sure if this is an exhaustive list but then again, there are many things (like husband's office photos) that they dont even look at!

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    Guest started a topic H4 Visa Interview Documents

    H4 Visa Interview Documents


    I changed my visa status from F1 to H1 this month. My wife is applying for her H4 visa next month. Could somebody give me the list of the documents to be submitted at the time of interview?

    I also had another query. Since I just switched to H1, do I need to show my tax returns on F1. I have negligible amount on my W2 for the previous year.