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Need Help.. Visa Stamping in Mexico

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  • Need Help.. Visa Stamping in Mexico

    hey all.. just had a quick question.. I'm in Houston and was thinking of going to Matamoros to get my visa stamping done instead of making the long trip back to india.. my question is as follows.. my I-797 states the consulate as Chennai, and so there is no I-94 on it.. however, i have been working on my OPT and it is valid until August 2008.. will i have any issues with getting my visa stamping done in mexico? Am I eligible? Since my OPT is valid even now, I feel I have never been out of status in the U.S.

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    when u get a I797B instead of I797A, then u need to get your H1B stamped in the next 6 months form the oct1st , by visitng any US consulate outside of US. That will be ur gray period.Since u hold F1 visa u can go to Mexico /canada and get ur H1B stamped.
    all the best!


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      Thanks a lot.. I am going sometime early February to Matamoros, so 6 months should not be a problem..


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        H4 to H1

        Hi columbuspk,

        My H1 got approved wn i was in india and i came to US on H4.I got I797B without I94.Now my question is

        1. Can i go to mexico for stamping.
        2. If i got rejected in mexico can i come back to US with my H4.

        Any help is appreciated.....


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          Stamping inMetamoros

          Is anyone going to metamoros for stamping in feb....i am planning to take an appointment in feb.....