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H1B stamping--1st time in USA + more info.

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  • H1B stamping--1st time in USA + more info.

    I came in USA in 2001 on visitor B-2 visa. later on
    I got job offer and my company filed for H1B and
    approved. right now I'm working for the company. my
    visitor visa expired last year. right now I'm working
    on INS approval but don't have H1B stamping on my
    passport. I want to go overseas to visit my family.
    so, can I get visa stamping from St. louis or I have
    to go out of country to get stampped. 2ND-- is there
    any rules regarding the period of time that a H1B
    employee can stay unemployed/out of payroll coz of
    losing job or may be waiting for the company's new
    project. I will be glad if you give me some tips
    regarding these. thank you.