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Help needed Urgent please I-94 not taken in Airport by airline authorities

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  • Help needed Urgent please I-94 not taken in Airport by airline authorities

    HI ALL

    I am a Valid H1 visa holder and was travelling back to India for 1 month vacation,while returning the Airline authorities did not take my I-94 , just came to know that it must be taken at airport in US, to have my departure record with USCIS.and I need to send the I-94 and other supporting documents to US to some CBP in kentucky if the I-94 was not taken at the airport, But now problem is my return date to US is scheduled for 30 JAN 2008 and I have limited time to send them and i am not sure that they will reach and my departure record is processed by the time i go back, can some one suggest me whether there will be any reentry problem at the port of entry. Please help me with this if anyone ever had this problem.
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    I am in a silimar situtation


    I am in a similar situation, Airline did not take my I94 I am currently on a small 2 week vacation in India, also air India authority at Delhi airport took my boarding pass while changing flight. Could some one please suggest what should be done?



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      Returning an Uncollected Form I-94 Back to U.S. Customs and Border Protection
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