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Got H1B stamped after 221g blue

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  • Got H1B stamped after 221g blue

    My case briefing is :

    1. Attended interview on 25th Sep 2007 with my wife for H4 and
    Issued with 221g requesting some docs from employer (not AAP)
    and asked to use VFS drop box (They asked me to drop the PPTs also)

    2 . Submitted the documents with passports to VFS on December 12th,2007

    3. Received both the passports with H1B and H4 stampings today (On 29th Jan 2008).

    So don't worry guys who are held up on 221g...If you submit all the requested documents and if all are genuine you will get ur visa stamped....

    As a general info (may not be 100% authentic,frm my experience) , in case of rejection\pending after submitting the documents ,the consulate may get back to u in 10-15 days with further queries...

    If you visa is approved by the consulate it may take arnd one and half or two months to get the passport with stamp.....

    Only thing we can do is call up VFS everyday to get the status or mail to the consulate @ [email protected]. (But don't mail them frequently!!)...

    All the best to all of you who are held upon 221g and AAP....

    This forum helped me alot...Thanks to all.....

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    Best of luck, h12007



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      Need info about DS156 / 157

      Hi h12007, I need a help.

      I have got issued a 221g two months back, and I have got the documents from my employer from US now. I need to drop the docs to VFS office at Bangalore.

      Which are the DS-156 and DS-157 do I need to submit ? are they the same as what I had filled up when attending the interview for the first time ? or do I need to fill up again ?

      Do I need to drop the documents being present in person along with wife [for h4], or can I get them dropped off from any of my friends ? I am not in India as of now, so I will have get them dropped from any of my friends?

      They have asked me to drop the docs along with the Passports ; orally she asked me, but they have not ticked for passports in 221 g. So is it okay to drop without passports ? or is it advisable to drop with passports, if that is the case, I will have to wait till I return to India.

      Could you please help me in understanding the above ?

      Thanks in Advance,