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What is the trend in Chennai Consulate

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  • What is the trend in Chennai Consulate

    Dear Seniors,

    If there is anyone who has attended the H1B interview in Chennai, Could you please share your experience, as how the VISA issue trend is, like whether they are very strict these days or as usual, or moderate.

    Would you advice me to schedule immediately, or what is the better time in the near future ?

    Thanks in Advance,


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    honest documents

    Hi friend,

    I like your posting because it is an interesting as well an odd question.

    an exam is easy if the students has studied, and nothing to do with questions.

    An interview is easy if the documents are straight and the candidate has right intentions.

    Chennai or other consulates, all consulates want the candidates to have the right documents.

    And as with exam, one can cheat; but one can not cheat all the people all the time; ultimately one cheats one oneself.

    I have attended three interviews at Chennai. Just three minutes each time; docs were straight; honest replies; that's it.

    All the best; good luck


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      Thank you

      Thank you Novice, This is the first time I am going, and many inputs from many people, so was little concerned and confused. Documents are all perfect, and almost ready from my side too. But was anxious as there were some talks about the recession and the economy being slowing down.

      Thank you once again,