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Can I apply H1B & H4 parallelly????

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  • Can I apply H1B & H4 parallelly????

    Hi all, my husband, mykid, and myself are on L1, L2, and L2 respectively. My husband's visa expires on 16th Jan 2004 but his I-94 is valid until

    23rd Dec 2005. But my kid, myself got visa & I-94 until 16th Jan 2004. My husband's company people r applying H1 for him and are applying H4 for me and my

    kid with in a week or so. I have the following questions to clarify:

    1) Am I eligible to apply for H1B when my H4 is inprogress ?
    2) Can I convert directly from L2 to H1B ?
    3) Can I convert L2 to H4 ?
    4) If I apply for H1B for me, can my kid apply for H4 from her daddy's H1B ?

    Would higly appreciate your help in this matter,