Hello all,

Well..I am in US since aug 2002 & my H1 was valid till nov 10th 2003.my employer did not raise my pay stub for almost 1 yr as he could not market me nor he allowed me to market myself... till sept 2003 . after that i changed my employer & my new employer is raising my pay stubs as am in job now & he has given me the I797 too for stamping.

NOw the issue is i need to go to india ..for some urgent need there & to get the stamping in india..i have only 4 pay stubs to present & a W2.

Can any one suggest me anything ..abt my stamping in india?

This apart i have also a valid B1 visa..which is valid till 2005..

is it possible that i re-enter US with B1 & start working here as i have the approval from my new employer???

thanks in advance for your suggestion