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Canada PR or USA H1B Visa ???

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  • Canada PR or USA H1B Visa ???

    I have applied for Canada PR and still in process. I may get it soon. Meanwhile I got an employer to apply for H1B visa.

    I am not sure which direction should I go. Please advise me. If you are in this position, what will you do. Ofcourse I have to make the final decision. PLEASE HELP

    - confused guy :eek

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    Canada PR or USA H1B Visa ???

    You can actually maintain both.

    In order to comply with Canadia PR obligations, you have to be in Canada for 2 years out of 5 consecutive years (I am not sure, it could be 3 years out of 5 years --please verify). This means you can stay outside of Canada for at most 3 (or 2) years since the day you get PR. During that time obviously you can work in USA under H1B classification.

    This is not a legal advise. Please check the latest law.
    Hope this helps...