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  • regarding H1

    Hi Friends,

    I have one query. Please reply to this as soon as possible.

    right now i am working for a company 'A' in india. Now a days I am thinking to apply for H1B thru some other company 'B'.

    So my doubt is if I apply for H1 thru company 'B' .. when it is in processing... At the same time if my company 'A' wanna send me us by applying some other visa type..

    can i apply like r will there be any problem??? please reply soon as soon as possiblee

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    Employer will apply your H1B inthe month of April process might takes 3 to 5months inbetween you can travel to US from your current employer on any visa(ie B1/L1)..



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      hi srinni

      hi Srinni,

      Thanks for the reply... I wanna know see if i apply for h1b and its in processing consider in june if my current employer is sending me to us wil that cause any problem.. can i go/apply like that.. and one more doubt if i got h1b in october(consider) after october if my company is sending me to us wat i have to dod in that case.. because i am just apply for h1.. but if i get any good chance from my current company means i will stay back only..