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H4 stamping for Kids born after H1 stamping

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  • H4 stamping for Kids born after H1 stamping

    Hi, I had my H1 Stamping (and H4 for my spouse) on Dec 2006. I have been to US in the meantime. Now I have a kid (born in India), so do I need to go for stamping of the kid too? What is the process for the same and has anyone gone through such process? I dont think they will interview a 4 month old infant will they ??

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    yes the baby needs H4 stamp, The process is same as for any H4.... pay the fee, appointment etc.

    of course the baby will be accompanied by at least one parent. and they will verify the docs thats all.


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      Can my wife attend the interview along with the kid, as I will not be in India for some time. What all documents will be needed (apart from my H1 petition and background verification check document, and their original passports along with a photo copy of mine).