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H4 stamping--- urgent-- pl.reply

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  • H4 stamping--- urgent-- pl.reply

    Presently i am having H4 approval notice. I am going to India for H4 visa stamping in mumbai consulate. I came to U.S on H1 visa and worked for one year and then changed my status to H4 based on my husband's H1. It has been 3 years since i changed my status,since then i have not been to India.
    My query is that what documents will i need to carry in reference to getting the H4 visa and what possible documents do i need to carry from my past H1-B visa. Kindly reply.

    Thanking you in advance.

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    about the H4 Documents

    Nowadays consulates in india asking for somany documents .. and i dont think this is a good idea to go to india and stamp there .. You are not sure whethter you will come back to usa .. There are thosands of people are staying back there ..
    and one more forget about H1 visa documetns .. Now you are going for a H4 Visa .. so take all your H4 related documents


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      Docs needed
      The following documents were submitted

      1) I-797 (Original)
      2) I-129 (Lawyer Certified)
      3) DS-156
      4) PP copies of principal
      5) Marriage certificate
      6) Marriage Card
      7) Birth certificates
      8) Fee
      9) Employee verification letter
      10) Pay stubs for one year
      11) W2 for year 2002
      12) ITIN - cards
      13) Tax Papers
      14) Electricity Bills for year
      15) Phone Bills for one year
      16) Rental lease agreement (My wife’s and daughter’s name included)
      17) Bank Statements (My wife is joint a/c holder)
      18) Cell phone and CC bills.
      19) Company’s monthly newsletter Brochures for one year.
      20) A letter from my daughter’s school