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Help - H4 Visa on hold under 221 g - in Mumbai consulate

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  • Help - H4 Visa on hold under 221 g - in Mumbai consulate

    My wife went to for her visa stamping @ Mumbai consulate with all require documentation on sep 11 2003.

    Including Marriage certificate
    Spouse name endorsed on her passport
    Letter from my company to introduce her as my wife
    She took 4-5 pictures of get-together we had in the evening.

    Due to death in the family the religious function was a low key and we did not had any pictures of Fire ceremony or exchanging garlands.

    She tried to explain the situation. But they are not satisfied with explanations.

    They put her visa application on hold and were asking for more ceremony pictures
    and correspondence with husband.

    I have few other pictures taken of that small function but those are not of any religious ceremony.

    I am also thinking of going to India in Nov. 2003 to get my wife

    My doubts are:

    How many time a person can go for interview for h4 if her visa is kept on hold for the first time??

    If they are just going to keep insisting on the ceremony pictures which I don’t have now??
    Do I have to do a ceremony again to show them pictures??

    Writing a letter addressing consulate requesting her visa. And showing telephone bills that I have been keeping in touch with my wife.

    Pls. share or advise if any one had a same kind of experience.

    p.s. if u can also email me with your suggestion at [email protected]

    Thanks in advance