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F1 visa changing to H1

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  • F1 visa changing to H1


    I have the following questions on H1 visa. Please help.

    1. I would like to know all the documents needed for new H1B visa processing.

    2. I am hearing that 195,000 H1 quota will be changed to 65,000 from october 1. Is this true??? What would be the best time to apply? (before or after oct)

    3. Does anyone know how long the Texas center takes for premium processing?

    4. If I apply by Sept 15th 2003, will INS consider my application in this year's (195000) quota or next year's quota (65000)?


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    H1b questions

    1. You'll need a copy of your degree certificate etc.. a petitionletter from your emloyer and awhole bunch of other stuff

    2. That is true--the quota will revert to 65,000 per year unless Congress acts. HOWEVER, if you apply soon after Ocet 1st you'll be OK, as it will take at least several months to reach the cap--also after Oct 1st the $1000 additonal fee will no longer apply so you'll save $1000

    3. This should take less than 15 days

    4. In this year's quota