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after 221g docs subbmission, asked to wait

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  • after 221g docs subbmission, asked to wait

    Hello Everybody,

    It has been a very tricky situation for me for quite sometime now. I had appeared for the H1B visa interview on 20-sep-07 in Delhi Consulate, was given 221g(green form) and was asked to appear once again with the additional documents.
    I again visited the consulate with the docs, the docs were simply taken and said they would inform me on phone within a week, but may even take some longer. They even returned my passport but kept the 797-C form with them.
    The queries here are:
    1) probably how much time does the process take and would they even inform me if they are not satisfied/reject the appliction. Can they even ask for some more docs?
    2) I may have to appear again for another interview(hopefully), but in such situations what is the success rate, if any idea?
    3) Does the ongoing US recession have any effect on this? Because as per my understanding, these docs are meant for the petitioner's verification, and if it is positive, then the candidate should be handed the visa.

    Please put in you views and experiences.