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H1-B Transfer

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  • knowledgeable

    You're in a spot. They cannot force you to pay up, but I do hope that your friend does as he misled the other employer and made them spend their time and money for him.

    Of course, the new employer can sue your friend and your friend's current employer which will force the current employer to fire him and then he will have nowhere to go!

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  • rm02
    started a topic H1-B Transfer

    H1-B Transfer


    One of my friends transferred his H1-B to a different company.He got the receipt,but after that he decided to stay with his previous company as he could negotiate a better deal with the company.Now he wants to stay with his previous company and does not want to move.The new employer is asking him to pay back the H1-B processing fees and his threatening to take legal actions against him.My question is can they do that since there was no legal binding for him to pay the H1-B fees.Will he be out of status???