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Question regarding H1 process

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  • Question regarding H1 process


    I was attended my H1 interview in the month of september. Visa officer asked unemployement wages report of my employer. I got the papers from my employer and dropped the documents in VFS Hyderabad. Again they send a blue form with administration processing requied option selected. Here I attend US company interview yesterday and got selected in the interview. My new employer wants to do H1 on behalf of me for the next fiscal year? Is it possible to apply for new H1 eventhough my last H1 is under administration processing? Thanks in advance.


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    yes, and they dont have to wait till April first to file or for you to wait till Oct 1 to start. Since your H1 petition was approved last year you are cap-exempt now. If they file with a coipy of prev H1 approval(no stamp required) they can file tomorrow.

    the admin processing will cause problems only if the processing was based on your qalifications. If the compan's credentials were in question then there would be no problem