Hi All:

I have an appointment with Chennai US Consulate for Oct 28th. I booked this appointment long time back around July. I was working for company X at that time, so I had given details of my H1B with company X.
In August I was offered full-time position at another company Y. I accepted the offer and they did a H1B transfer from company X to company Y. Now my H1B is with Company Y, but my appointment with Chennai US consulate has records of companyX.

I tried to edit the changes, but the system asks me to cancel the appointment and re-book. I found that there are no appointments in Oct/Nov. I am afraid that if I cancel my current appointment I might not get another one in Oct/Nov.

Can I go to the US COnsulate with the same appointment? (the thankyou page when I booked the appointment says, that the company details should be verified as that information will appear in my VISA)

I have already booked my tickets and my leave is also sanctioned. I dont want to postpone my trip. Is there any way out????