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Urgent HEEEEEELP required regd Educational equivalence

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  • Urgent HEEEEEELP required regd Educational equivalence

    Hi there,
    I am from India and am working as a software engineer.
    I have completed 12 years of schooling and then I did the Associated Membership Examinations conducted by the Institution of Engineers (India). I completed the same in 51/2 years - with 1 year of mandatory industrial training in between. A.M.I.E. (Associated Member of the Institution of Engnieers (India)) certification is considered by Indian Government as equivalent to a Bachelor degree in Engineering.

    Simelteneously I completed my Bsc in Mathematics from Madras University ( a 3 year course - I completed the same in 4 years).

    Then I did my Master of Engineering from Anna university - Chennai, India. I got selected,in campus, into a leading software consulting company. I am now working in the company for 3 years and 10 monthshalf year. My company is filling an L1 for me in near future.

    Can someone please tell me what is my educational equivalence in U.S. and will it be enough for satisfying requirements of L1 visas?

    Your help will be highly helpful

    Thanks and Regards

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    education equivalance

    your qualification is equivalent to M.S ( Engineering ) in usa.
    all the best.


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      Your reply regd educational equivalence

      Hi there,
      Thanks very much for your reply. I got the L1 and am now in US for last 3 months.