Hi all,
First, let me thank everyone in this forum who has either diretly or indirectly helped me in gettin my H2 stamped successfully @Mumbai consulate. I have been reading the forum for last few months & I got very valuable inputs from many of you. The most important input was possibility of transfering my old petition to new employer without actually being in US. I managed to transfer my approved H1 petition to new employer & got it stamped successfully.
Just to brief you about the interview experience
Arrived at Consulate at 10.00 am in formal attire with tie & suit. My no was called (with my wife) on 11.00 am.
VO: - Good Morning Sir.
Me (Smiled): - Good Morning to you Sir.
Typed sometihng on the computer in front.
VO : - So you are working with xyz company...
Me: - Yes, I am working with this company for last 2 & half years as ......
VO: - What is your highest qualification?
Me: - Explained, also told working in the same field in SAP.
VO: - Are you going to work on inhouse project or contract?
Me: - I will be working on ....project at location.....
VO: - Ok, I know this brand..
Then he turned to my wife
VO: - So, how long you have been married?
My wife: - ....years Sir.
VO:- How do you know him?
My wife: - We met while I was with...company & he was working there as .....
VOsmiling) - Is this love marraige or arranged marraige?
We both: (smiling)- Love marraige arranged by our parents.
VO:- So, u r looking forward going to US?
My Wife:- Smiled, Yes Sir..
VO:- Ok, your visas are issued. Your passports will be couriered to you in a day's time.
Since I had to fly to UK on weekend, I asked him if I can collect it today from the counter. He said, he can not guarantee but worth checking.

We both said, Thank you & have a nice day & came out...
The whole inteview last for only 2 minutes. He did not ask any documents / certificates (which I had taken out as soon as I entered inside).
I had all the relevent docs ready with me (this site helped me gather the reqd docs & I asked those from the company).
Once again, thanks everyone for your inputs & I wish Luck for all those planning to appear soon for the interview.
Some points I should mention (even though repeated already)
1) Get as many documents from the company as possible. Be after the company no matter how big / small it is. Every document counts & you do not know which doc VO will ask for.
2) Keep one extra set of all the docs in case VO needs.
3) Carry a simple plastic folder with transperant compartments.
4) Don;t carry plastic bags which make irritating noise.
5) Keep your docs ready before you enter in to face VO. Paste sticker on every compartment to know what's inside. This will avoid searching in front of the VO.
6) If you are married, schedule your family interview same time.
7) Don't show any kind of nervousness in front of VO. Be confident & calm.
8) Greet VO with wide smile & good morning/afternoon (it does not cost u anything).
9) Read all the info about ur company, like Board of directors, clients, projects, no of employees, turnover, awards etc..
10) Do not talk much, explain in short but to the point. No story telling...

Hope this helps people who are planning to appear for H1 interview in future...