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Concurrent academic H1B 100% + non academic H1B 0%

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  • Concurrent academic H1B 100% + non academic H1B 0%


    I am currently on academic H1-B and company A is willing to file a non-academic H1-B for me under Masters Cap.
    I do not intend to join company A and would continue working on my academic H1-B.

    At a later time I will be interested in joining company B (and lets say company A is fine with it). I am wondering how will this pan out given I wont work company A at all.

    What are the potential pit falls in this situtation?

    What are potential issues on getting a new visa stamp when I am 100 % on academic H1-B and 0% with non academic H1 b?

    Your help appreciated.

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    Why would you even think about applying for a visa that you have no intention of using as soon as it is issued!

    Many people have jobs waiting and are willing to work on Oct. 1, and one will be unable to do so if you receive the visa.

    You should be ashamed of yourself! You are selfish, inconsiderate, and I'm sure others on this forum will add to the list.