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I94 Expired help

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  • I94 Expired help

    Hello everybody,
    I am a Student here in US since Jan 2000. I completed my graduation last december 2001 and got my OPT on Feb 2002. But the problem is my Visa as well as my I94 are expired now.
    So, now do i have status to stay in the US legally with the OPT( cause it states so on it i guess). And will i face problems when i file for a H1b or something.

    Cause right now i am not working anywhere but looking out for a job. And i just want to be clear on this I94 thing before hand. I have my OPT valid till Feb2003. So, please tell me what should i do.
    Do i need to have a valid I-94 and visa to stay in US and do i have to produce a Valid I-94 and visa to file my status change or H1B papers later. Experts please throw some light on this problem of mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.