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Reg. Paystubs while on H1 visa

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  • Reg. Paystubs while on H1 visa


    I'm currently working with a client on H1B visa in US. My age with my current employer is nearing an year.

    I used to get my Paystubs from my employer in a format with all my Payroll information & the employer related information. But for the last 3 months, my employer has been issuing me the Paystubs in which I could find only my Payroll information but no any employer related information.

    The Paystub doesn't look like a Paycheck format and is something like a print out with only the abbreivation of the Company name and some number(don't know what it is and how it makes sense).

    Please let me know if I need to transfer my H1 visa to any other company, would these Paystubs(which has only my Payroll info and no any employer info) make sense. Also kindly guide me how I can proceed in this aspect.


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    Hello Subramanya and Senior members,

    Please suggest me how to proceed in this issue. I'm waiting for your ideas in this regard.

    Thank you.


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      Whatever it is, it should work I think. Because it proves that you were working for your current employer, in case you go for a transfer. Did you get W2?


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        Thanks for your reply.

        I got my W2 form. However the Paystubs which I'm going to get for the forecoming months are going to be in the same format which will be in a Printout manner with my Payroll information but no employer related information.

        I need to know if I want to transfer my H1 visa to any employer in any of the states in USA, would there be any problems in doing the transfer with these printed out Paystubs.

        Please advise.

        Thank you.


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          Hi Orion & Senior Members,

          Please advise me on this issue.


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            This is simply a new payroll or company or payroll software your comapny could be using..(Quick Books) ..Things change for security reasons, talk to you employer and get an explantion on this change. Remember, you always get negative answers from people.


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              Hi infoway,

              I agree to your point and I got negative answers when I asked my employer about this issue.

              I want to understand if I want to transfer my H1 to any other co', would these Paystubs in printout format without my employer information fit well for the transfer.

              Please advise.

              Thank you.