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F1 rejected, fate on H1B

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  • F1 rejected, fate on H1B

    Hi folks,
    My h1b application filed in fy 2009, B4 this i was rejected twice in april,2007 on F1(student) visa in chennai consulate. Now im working as a S/w engineer in bangalore,this time i have to go for chennai consulate too,but i dont want, what i am planning to move to mumbai(as an employee with different company) and apply there only. By the By im belongs to A.P state.
    can u plz suggest me ?

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    Your F1 rejection has very less thing to do with your H1B. If you have all the documents required for H1B processing (if possible, have company photos, company brochure available), there should not be a problem. Whatever consolate you go, your documents are the key thing.


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      You will be redirected unless you show enough proof that you have been in Mumbai consular region for last 6 months. More so, if your visa has been rejected more than once at home consulate. Good luck!


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        Actually, i had more arreares in my bachelor's degree(B.tech), based on this only i was rejected. will this criteria impact on my h1b visa interview @chennai consulate?


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          Good luck

          I wish you don't get discouraged.

          I wonder how come you are so sure of the reason for rejection.

          And arrears have no bearing unless, there is suspicion on how they were cleared or doubt on its merits.

          Other than this, you can go confident, if you are straight in ALL RESPECTS.

          All the best.