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h1 b legal notice employers torture

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  • h1 b legal notice employers torture

    Dear guys,
    I urgently need help. MY employer has sent me a legalnotice with a threat to sue. In my offer letter there is no bond period mentioned.
    I did not inform my employer till i joined the client.
    i calle dhim up 2 weeks later and told him.

    this is exactly what he has said.
    he has sent me 2 legla notices

    I need to remind you that you signed an agreement upon joining that you are liable for all expenses incurred by Xcompany if you leave prior to 18 months on assignment, and you have only been with us 12 months.
    Per your signed agreement, you must repay:
    Immigration Legal Fees $2500
    Relocation Fees $1500
    Administration Fees $3500
    Total $7500
    Please respond with how you plan on making this payment to us.


    I have got 2 legal notices already. he wants to takeme to court or settle with him. he says he can reduce a bit or i have to pay him 6000$ around. please let me know if there is a way out of here other than the lawyers.
    . Is ther enay way out . What can I do if
    I get a legal notice. Please let me know what I can do about it
    If you know any lawyers who work sincerlyfor the cause of h1b tortured employees please let me know.

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    re: torture by employer

    Hi ,

    To the best of my knowledge your previous employer cannot sue you. Simple because the labor court in CA does not approve of th efact that any employer puts his employees in such a situation.

    I had read a similar article in India West a few months ago where similarly an ex employer was trying to harass the employee.

    Best would be to find out from a labor law attorney. Just to let you know that the labor laws in California are pro immigrant employees


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      Unfortunately, I have heard that companies (like TCS) have sued employees successfully in the past. The H1 rules are made pro-employer to start witj\h. Its unfair. US immigration is screwed much more compared to any other advance country's.

      But yes, there are stories abt employee winning the case also. Just be careful in how you tread the waters.

      Google will throw up many stories.