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Possible Unwanted INS Scrutiny

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  • Possible Unwanted INS Scrutiny


    I am an attorney but not immigration atty. I am on a H1 visa filed by a
    large consulting firm. Recently they decided to divest themselves of the
    department that I work in. Fortunate for me, they were able to negotiate
    with another Consulting firm to continue the practice with all the
    employees. I informed the new consulting firm of my status and they
    immediately filed a H1 petition under the portability provisions. I am due
    to start working next month.

    A few weeks back when I learned about the intentions to divest of the
    department, I aggressively sought other employment because I was concerned
    of being unemployed and out of status. Anyway, I have since received a
    number of call backs with firms that want to interview me. I really dont
    like the new consulting firm that filed the petition for me or its owners
    but considering the state of the economy and my immigration status, I had
    take the opportunity. (I did not know I would get any call backs at that

    I really would prefer to work for one of these firms that want to interview
    me however the new consulting firm has already filed that petition for me
    for which the receipt has not even been acknowledged by the INS. My
    is that the INS will see two applications for me on their desk and suspect
    that I am abusing the system and investigate me. Because of the
    divestment, I think that I would have a reasonable explanation to give
    HOwever, I could do without the embarrassment of an investigation by the
    INS or even excessive attention from them.

    Again, I dont know too much about immigration laws but should I accept
    interviews and accept an attractive offer if one comes up??? IS it
    that the INS will scrutinize me??


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    Possible Unwanted INS Scrutiny

    or worse yet, is it possible for them to reject the wrong application??



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      It is not illegal to have more than one H-1 pending. I've done it for clients on numerous occassions.