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H1 Approved, Stamping Refused in Delhi

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  • H1 Approved, Stamping Refused in Delhi

    My Friend's H1 was approved on March 15th 2001. company send all the required papers for stamping.
    Went to Emabassy (New Delhi) for stamping.
    1st time embassy took all papers and told to collect passports after 2 days.
    Returned papers and passports (Without stamping) saying "needs comapny;s w2 of all employees and phoptographs"
    Send all required documents again to applicant by company.
    Went again to get passport stamped.
    Again kept all the papers and told to come other day.
    Lastly kept original kept all the INS papers (Form 797, I-129 and LCA) and REFUSED the visa , saying "WE NEED 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE"
    My friend is M.C.A and 8 Years of IT experince.
    The company sponsored him is 15 Years old and still in sound condition.

    Did somebody has experince like this. Does Emabassy decide about the qualification and experiene or INS. I believe the so called "Visa Counselors" sitting in New Delhi are REAL NUTTS. giving all the Visas to Dumb Dumb's who does not even know in what part of the planet the country US is.

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    that's horrible

    O my ..god I don't believe this was happened?
    so sad..I really have the sympathy for your friend.
    The best he can do is apply for New H1 (may be
    from the same company) and go for the stamping at another place...like chennai. Mumbai
    BUt I heared that now in a days they r asking for photos too. One my friend's wife go to Mumbai
    for H4 stamping and they r asking for photos of her husband where workling..that is redicules...
    btw..what is the company name here in USA of your
    friend's sponcer...?