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New passport after 221(g)

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  • cool_man


    The date begins when they complete administrative processing. Admin processing should take around 1 to 2 months. If you are lucky 2 -3 weeks. Anyways, you should have started a new thread.


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  • phanib
    Help Needed-Urgent passport change after 221g

    Hi All,

    Mine is a complicated case. I attended H1B interview to US consulate and received 221(g) admin processing.Later i realized my passport is not valid. It has no link to my previous damaged passport.I applied it through a agent and he did not return me my damaged passport. Then i realized it is equivalent of a new passport.I approached passport officals who blamed me fully and said you need to pay fine which i did and they took my passport and cancelled it and asked me to apply afresh.

    I applied for a new passport which wont have any link to the passport on which i got my petetion.
    Do i need to apply to USCIS to update my petetion with latest held passport?

    Now i received letter from consulate asking me to appear for interview.

    What do i do?

    In the letter they mentioned if you dont respond within 1 year of 221(g)eligibility date your application will expire.

    What is the 221(G)eligibility date, the date on which i attended to interview?

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  • txh1b
    Send both old and new passport. They will stamp it in the new passport.

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  • vandana716
    started a topic New passport after 221(g)

    New passport after 221(g)


    I got 221(g) for AAP(Additional Administrative Processing) last year.
    And yesterday i got a letter from consulate to send some documents from employer side and asked me to drop through VFS.

    But the problem is mean while 6 months back applied for new passport as the photo is not clear. And also i Got my new passport.

    Now the question is which passport number should i mention as the consulate recognize me through the old passport only.. But if i mention my old passport number in my DS-156 and 157 , and if i get Visa do they accept the new Passport.

    Please explain my doubts clearly...

    Thanks in advance..