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Want to come to Silicon Valley? Think again!

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  • Want to come to Silicon Valley? Think again!

    For those of you planning to come on an H1 to San Francisco bay area to work, please be
    aware of the housing crunch people here are faced with.

    In the last 2 years, rents have risen 100%. 2 years ago single bedroom apartment was $900
    - $1000. Today $1800-$2000 a month.
    Prices have also risen a dramatic 100% in the same time period. An old, small, not properly
    built house with at most one car garage, OK minus neighborhood, eheh schools, costs now
    an average of $550,000. Proper ones start at $1,000,000.

    On top of that, commute is bad, gas, natural-gas and electricity are more expensive than other states and you pay state tax and sales tax.

    If you are ready to face these hardships, you are welcome. Others, please look elsewhere.
    Remember, IPO era is over.

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    Just curious

    What is IPO era?