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Spelling mismatch in middle name

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  • Spelling mismatch in middle name

    there is a spelling mismatch for Middle name in my degree certificate & the passport .
    for ex in degree certificate its rangganath where as in the passport its rangannath.

    will there be any problem for Visa processing.

    kindly suggest.

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    Hi Patilsri,

    I have the same issue. Can you pls let me know if you had find an answer for that?



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      for correction of your name on Degree contact your University , and for Passport contact your Regional passport office. it's problem fo getting visa, even if it's ok then consulate or embassy wrote same name on visa stamp that name which printed on your passport.. understand.
      better you ask for correction before applying your visa.
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        Spelling correction on passport

        My name is NERU.Srinivas in which my surname is ‘NERU’ and given name is SRINIVAS as original but in my SSC certificate my name has been printed as NIRAVI. SINIVAS.

        I approached Gazette publication for spelling correction on my name and they published my original name on Gazette and they have given one copy to me for supporting document.

        I applied my passport with NIRAVI.SRINIVAS and my other certificates are printed with N.SRINIVAS

        They asked me to attach that copy when I am going to apply my passports for my family to get correct surname NERU.

        I applied my family passports and got everything correct.

        Now I want to correct spelling on my passport wit the help of gazette document. Can you please suggest any one for preceding further to correct my spelling on my passport with the help of gazette document?

        I have visa with present name, if I correct my name on passport, will it be any problem for my visa?

        I will be very thankful for your help.


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          Start a new thread for your issue ...