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Please help me_Stamping for H1B Ext in Mexico

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  • sivajp123

    Thanks for your quick response and clarifications.
    Reallty appreciate your help.


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  • txh1b
    First of all, you don't need the services of these agents. It is a no brainer to do it yourself as these agents cannot do anything special for you in case of a denial.

    1. No one can answer this question. In general, if everything is okay, shouldn't have a problem. Many people ask the questions on the forum and don't take the trouble to come back and report their experience. Don't be one and help others after the interview with your experience.
    2. No, you have to leave from Mexico.
    The timing of H4 visa extension matters. If her H1b was the last action, then she is fine.
    3. No issues.
    4. No. They might ask what she is doing.
    5. This is the confusion. You need to provide details of when her H1b was approved and when the H4 got extended. The last action rule counts. In eaither case, both of you need not go for stamping together.

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  • DMX17

    There is another link within the link.

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  • sivajp123
    started a topic Please help me_Stamping for H1B Ext in Mexico

    Please help me_Stamping for H1B Ext in Mexico

    Hi All,

    It would be highly appreciate if anybody can respond to my questions. Please help me to clarify the follwoing issues.

    I am living in USA, got the H1B ext in Aug2007 (my previous H1 validity was till Sep’07) and I need to go for H1B ext stamping now in July2008 as I have travel plans to India in August2008. First time I am going to Mexico for stamping and I am planning to take assistance from mexico agents. I have all proper documents(paystubs,w2 forms for all years) with me.

    I am worried about the following things.

    1) Is there any rejection chances are there as I am going first time to Mexico for stamping. (I did not do MS here)
    2) If they put in some query can I enter to USA or do I need to go to India from there without entering into USA?

    My wife got the H4 ext along with my H1B ext in Aug2007. But Now she is on H1B visa and working now. She does n't have any travel plans and does n't want to go for stamping now.

    3) Will it be any problem to me as my wife is not coming with me for stamping since she got the H4 visa ext along with my H1B visa?
    4) Is there any chance to V.O ask that why your wife is not yet get stamped like this?
    5) Do we both needs to go for stamping as she got the H4 ext along with my H1B ext eventhough now she is on H1B visa?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Please reply me asap.