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    My friend got an offer from a US based company and he accepted the offer and his h1 visa is processing now. After getting h1 visa stamping done at american consulate,chennai, is it advisable to apply h4 visa for his wife and one year old son? Can he bring his wife and children with him? Are they eligible to come along with him as he is coming to US for the first time? Will there be any objection at consulate or port of entry?

    I verified several immigration web sites including immihelp.com, in that it's specified that to apply for h4 visa, it's needed to show bank statements and pay stubs of h1 visa holder along with other valid documents. In that case, how it's possible for my friend to bring his wife and his son as he doesn't have bank statements or pay stubs from US. Please advice in this regard whether it's better to bring his wife and his son along with him.

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    If he is coming for the first time, he does not need to show any of those bank statements etc. His wife and child should have gone for H4 when he went for H1.

    No problem, now they should go to consulate and get H4 for the family.
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