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H1B/VFS drop dox/New Passport

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  • H1B/VFS drop dox/New Passport

    Was wondering if anyoneelse has had a similar experience.
    -Had my H1B visa interview(on my 5th year right now) on June 17th 2008.

    -VO who reviewed my case stated that everything looks good for my visa to be approved but for the pasport whihc she thougth was damaged

    -So she handed me a blue form and asked to drop my application at the VFS drop box once I get a new passport along with DS 156 & DS157

    -I dropped the appl on June 24th 2008 at VFS chennai off- along with my new and old passport, DS156, DS157, I797, I129. I mentioned the new passport number in DS156..not sure if I had to stick with the old passport number???

    -I have been calling everyday,but till date my passport has not been returned to VFS from the consulate. Also they are not able to track my appl using my new passport number..still got to use the old number.not sure what this means...

    My original return date(to the US) was on June 29th whihc I have now postponed to July 4th. I am a little worried as to how long they might take to process the visa and return my passport. The VFS staff are not very helpful on that front. They don't give any anticipated processing time for visas.

    -Anyone has had any similar experience or know any information on this front, I would really appreciate any input from you guys...thanks a bunch!!!

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    Pls respond


    Can you let me know when you received your passport.I am in similar situation as you were and I am waiting for 2 weeks now..how long did it take for you?