Hi Guys,

This is my experince at Matamoros,Mexico for my H1b visa stamping.

I went to matamoros with all the listed required docs. Now there are 2 types of checks they are doing.


if you are a H1 guy need to stamp for extension, and if you are working direct job with client, then you get visa mostly on the same day.


If you are in type Employer-clinet model, then you should be very ..very careful to go for stamping.

if you are with a small desi employer and you are on bench if you go stamping with your extn 797, then you are screwed, may need to stay in mexico for ever, I have see such cases in matamoros

if you are working with client , means currently in project, make sure that you get a current supporting letter from your client manager and his contact phone and email. consulate is calling client manager, if your client manager give response/reply to that request you may get visa same day, if your client manager is in vacation, you may expect visa only till he replies. so be extra caution.

Hope you won't make mistakes.