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H1 Extension and Transfer

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  • H1 Extension and Transfer

    My Visa is going to expire in within next two month Sep 30th-2008

    My present employer(X) have just applied for extension of my H1B. But My project is terminated within few weeks. I have only 2-3(max) weeks to stay in US with present employer(X).

    If I want to transfer my H1 to another company Y, then

    1. what is Waiting time for Extension? If I get a receipt number within apprx 15 days then can I take chances for Transfer?
    i.e. What is the good/right time to transfer H1 safely and resign from Company X?

    2. What is likely percentage that company Y will sponsor my H1 Extension? Or they will prefer present employer(X) to complete the Extension process.

    3. In Worst case, does company Y has to file my H1 Extension(fees approx $3000+) and then go for H1 transfer (fees approx $3000+).

    In short I want to switch the company with less burden on my pocket.

    Thanks in advance

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    Answer to your question

    I am a consultant too and as per my knowledge your present company has to apply for an extension, better to post with the dates, since that will give some calrity whether its the first extension of 3 yrs...or 7th year extesnions


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      Thanks for quick response. This is my First H1B Extension. My Current employer is processing and ready to file H1 Extension irrespective of my project closure. The Exact dates given my current employer is 2nd week of august i will receipt number for tracking.

      In Worst case, does company Y has to file my H1 Extension and then go for H1 transfer again. Why only H1 transfer will not work?

      My I-94 and petition Expiry is on 30-sep-2008.

      Thanks in advance


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        Seniors please reply

        Seniors please reply for my query regarding H1 extension and then H1 Transfer.

        Thanks a lot


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          The new company can apply for a transfer before your I-94 expires even if the first company applied for an extension. You need not wait for the results.

          I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.