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Travelling on Advance Parole when H1B rxed a 221(g) slip

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  • Travelling on Advance Parole when H1B rxed a 221(g) slip

    Hi all,

    My husband recently appeared for a re-stamping of his H1B visa in Chennai. The officer who interviewed him, initially
    was very affable and it looked like everything was working well. But suddenly he said that my husband's name has a similarity with some anti-social elements. He was given the 221(g) pink slip and the officer said it might take 4 weeks or more for the processing. My husband was in India 6 months back. Also, there has been no special security clearance scenarios for him when travelling either within U.S or when he left to India from the U.S.

    My husband can travel back to the U.S using his Advance Parole.
    Does anybody know if there would be a problem at the immigration desk at the U.S port of entry if he comes using his Advance Parole? Will any information entered by the consulate officer be used against him?
    Any thoughts on this situation?